5+ Comfy Pillowfort Inspirations

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Living with five children is an all-or-nothing affair. Anything intended for the kids room will inevitably make its way into the rest of your home. My solution? Embrace it! I've mastered the art of scouring vintage markets, Etsy stores, and the deepest corners of the Internet for trendy kid's room decor over the years. But my most recent obsession isn't from some obscure shop in Finland, although it is every bit as trendy: the Pillowfort line at Goal .

Forget the obvious gender-specific themes like princesses and robots. Pillowfort brings great design to the child's room and makes it accessible to everyone. The colours and colorful accessories were designed to be gender neutral, so boys and girls alike can mix and match to make their own style.

image source : pinterest.com

Willie Wescott