5 Beautiful Parisian Kid’s Room Design Ideas

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As the owner of a family-friendly design company (and a mom to a 3-year-old), I spend a good deal of time dreaming up bewitching spaces for children to play, sleep, and learn in. I feel the ideal nursery or playroom should be entertaining and whimsical, to inspire creativity and daydreaming, but also practical and functional, to keep kids (and parents) coordinated and to help wrangle in those piles of stray books and toys.

I recently discovered French brand, Small Cabari, and fell head over heels for their chic but whimsical bedding, rugs, and textiles. They have shared with us photos of two gorgeous, girls' bedrooms that they designed for a apartment in Paris. Each features a different Small Cabari cloth and is the epitome of the playful/practical balance I strive for when creating rooms for the littles.

image source : pinterest.com

Willie Wescott